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Classic Aero Adventure Flights

Ballina Tours


Hours: 7:00AM to Sunset, 7 Days a week (We can possibly arrange sunrise flights upon request)

Experience the thrills, sound and feel of a true ex-RAAF aircraft over some of the most beautiful coastline and countryside in all of Australia!

From family-friendly cruising to thrilling aerobatics, we have the flight for you!

"It's an experience I would recommend to anyone. The flight is something I will remember for a long time and you couldn't ask for a better pilot. Over the next few days I find myself gazing up at the sky, wishing I was up there in the Winjeel, flying upside down at 3,500 feet."
Chris Evans, Northern Star.

Book an experience like no other that will exceed your expectations!

Map & Directions

Hangar 3 (General Aviation) Southern Cross Drive, Ballina NSW 2478


We are conveniently located at the Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport in Ballina, in Hangar 3 of the General Aviation section.

From Byron/Bangalow (20 minutes' drive), take Pacific Highway south towards Ballina. At the first roundabout when entering Ballina (North Creek Rd), turn Left. Take the first Left onto Southern Cross Dr. Go 1.5kms and, just before reaching the airport, look for the left turn to the General Aviation hangars. Follow the signs and go to Hangar 3.

From Lismore (30 minutes' drive), take the Bruxner Highway 25kms to Ballina. Upon reaching Pacific Highway, turn Left and follow the highway for 5.7kms through town. Turn left at the Shell Station to stay on Pacific Highway and continue for 1.5kms. After passing Ballina Fair, make a Left turn to remain on Pacific Highway. Cross over the small bridge and turn Right onto Southern Cross Drive. Proceed for 2kms and, just before reaching the airport, look for the left turn to the General Aviation hangars. Follow the signs and go to Hangar 3.

Cancellation Policy

Size and weight restrictions apply. We will do our best to accommodate all interested parties including children (consent of a parent or legal guardian is required for all passengers under 18 years of age) and those with disabilities but on occasion due to safety concerns the plane's design and the logistics involved; that may not be possible.

It is the responsibility of all passengers to declare to Classic Aero prior to a flight with us any physical and/or mental condition that may affect the safe completion of the flight for all participants or that may compromise the safety of the public at large. All participants expressing any such impairment shall be assessed by our staff and only cleared to fly if deemed by us to be safe to do so. Passengers deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; or those exhibiting unruly antisocial or dangerous behavior will not be allowed to fly and will be subject to a forfeiture of their full fare.

It is our goal to provide everyone with a safe comfortable and unforgetable flight. Our CA-25 Winjeel is maintained to the highest standards and is in excellent mechanical and structural condition and we consistently review weather conditions and forecasts. We will not fly if there are any unaddressed issues with the plane which might affect its airworthiness that arise in our regular inspections or if the weather is deemed poor enough to constitute a risk to the safe completion of a mission. Unforeseen events however may occur. These can include but are not limited to turbulence a sudden and unforeseen change in weather or mechanical issues.

A 100% cancellation fee will be assessed for all "no-show" passengers. A 50% cancellation fee applies for all bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled flight. A full refund will be given for any cancellations made at least 24 hours prior to the time of departure. Refunds of deposits or fares made to travel agencies or booking agents are at the discretio