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Cradle Mountain Adventure


Hours: The Sanctuary is OPEN DAILY from 9:30am - Guided tours operate at 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm, 5:30pm and 8.30pm. Duration is approx 1 hour. Joey encounter tours at 12pm and 4pm.

The Devils @ Cradle Tasmanian devil sanctuary breeds Tasmania's three unique threatened carnivorous marsupials; the Spotted-tail and Eastern quoll and focuses primarily on the Tasmanian devil.
The facility is located on the edge of the Cradle Mountain National Park World Heritage area and conducts in-site conservation programs for the Tasmanian devil including an on-site breeding program for insurance of the species.
A visit to the sanctuary day or night will allow you to observe these extraordinary animals up close whilst one of our keepers will give you lots of information about them.
'Keeper tours' are conducted on the hour while in the evening visitors can observe the amazing night time antics of the animals being fed.

Come and explore the mysterious world of the Tasmanian devil at devils @ cradle Tasmania's premier devil sanctuary - located just 500m from the entrance to the Cradle Mountain National Park boasting stunning views of Cradle Mountain.

Wander at your leisure within this unique alpine conservation sanctuary which breeds Tasmania's three unique and threatened carnivorous marsupials; the Tasmanian devil along with the Spotted-tail and Eastern quoll whilst learning about the conservation programs for these species.

A visit to the sanctuary DAY or NIGHT will provide you with an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to observe these extraordinary animals up close whilst one of our Keepers will give you an understanding of their lifecycle and the threats that confront them.

Our Guided Tours provide visitors with a very unique wildlife experience - combining comfort, with high quality education - your Tour Guide will ensure you get a close up encounter and maybe even the opportunity to pat one of these animals.

All tours DAY and NIGHT commence inside the Visitors Centre with a DVD presentation followed by an explanation of our conservation work which includes the handling of one of our devils and concludes with a walk outside throughout the breeding facility.

Map & Directions

3950 Cradle Mountain Road, CRADLE MOUNTAIN Tasmania 7310, Australia


Devils @ cradle is located on the Cradle Mountain Road between Highlander Cottages and the Cradle Mountain Lodge