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Melbourne Cricket Ground

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Hours: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Nowhere in the world can you find a museum that celebrates a nations rich sporting history like the National Sports Museum at an unmatchable venue like the MCG. The museum features memorabilia from some of the country’s biggest heroes and highlighted moments that have shaped the traditions of Australian sport.

Nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. Explore the inner sanctum of the MCG, walk on the hallowed arena and experience where legends play by taking a guided MCG tour!

Map & Directions

MCG, Brunton Ave, Jolimont, Victoria, 3000

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 24 hours will occur a 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellation 72-24 hours will occur an administration fee.
Date changes can be arranged subject to availability.
Voucher must be supplied to MCG upon arrival.